Get Help! from Vista Apps is here to lend you a hand

Last year, ‘Get Out’ was the breakthrough smash in movies – this year we have our own moviegoer influencer; ‘Get Help’ from Vista Apps looks as if it will be just as cutting edge. Yes we are that confident.  

Guests with high expectations. A small window to fulfil these expectations. A complex operational model open to human error. Limited ability to resolve problems effectively. Sounds fun right?

Enter Get Help, the latest in-seat delivery innovation from Vista Apps.

In-seat delivery is hard to get right. It requires a lot of moving pieces working together in perfect balance, all focused on a very tight window to fulfil a guest’s expectations. You can take all the necessary steps to create a well-oiled hot-food-delivering operational machine, and things will still slip through the cracks. Why? Your staff and guests are human and will make mistakes now and again. Especially on a busy night, with orders flying through the kitchen.

Can I get ice?

Where is my drink?

I said no cheese.

I didn’t really want fries, can I get a salad instead?

What do you mean my caviar isn’t Beluga?

What’s the easiest way to destroy your guest experience and ensure they never order food from you again? Have their food arrive late, or worse not at all, and then they leave the auditorium and hurl accusations at your hapless staff to resolve it. Game over.

There’s always a chance to get the experience back on track, your staff just need the opportunity to save the day. But nothing compounds a guest’s frustration over their problem more than having to leave the movie to find a staff member for assistance. A guest who has missed important scenes isn’t going to be particularly forgiving, even if the problem is eventually resolved.

Get Help means guests never have to leave their seats for assistance, and your staff stay on the front foot resolving any problems.

Leveraging both our guest app, Vista Mobile, and our staff app, InTouch, Get Help creates an integrated workflow between the two. Guests request assistance from their seat with Vista Mobile, and staff respond to and resolve requests with InTouch.

Get Help – how it works for Guests

Guests provide details of the assistance they need by selecting an optional category and comment in Vista Mobile. A request is then sent to staff via InTouch, and once accepted a push notification is sent to the guest to confirm help is on the way.

They no longer need to leave their seat to find assistance, so won’t miss that crucial moment in the movie.

Get Help – how it works for Staff

When a guest makes a request on Vista Mobile, a push notification is sent to all active InTouch users with the details. A staff member can then accept the request. Each request shows a timer so that staff can keep track of how long the guest has been waiting.

Staff are informed instantly of help requests, helping them resolve situations quickly and positively. They’re also provided with the full context of a guest’s situation, which means they are as prepared as possible and can keep general disturbance to other guests at a minimum.

Get Help – tracking performance

A new dashboard in InTouch provides information for staff on their help requests, such as average time to resolve and their overall rank for the day. Managers get access to a summary of staff performance, which can be used to measure KPIs aimed at improving operational processes.

It’s all about helping people enjoy themselves

Get Help sets your staff up to proactively and successfully resolve your guests’ problems, without interrupting their movie. With your staff jumping on issues quickly, you can bring your cinema dining offering full circle, supporting your kitchen and helping them stay on track. With a single feature, Get Help solves arguably the biggest obstacle to your cinema’s in-seat delivery success, taking your overall guest experience to the next level.

If you’d like to find out more about Get Help and Vista Apps, just get in touch with our Product Director Will Riley ([email protected]).

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