Vista Apps - changing the cinema experience

Vista Apps are mobile apps that are dramatically changing the nature of cinema experiences and operations. 

Driven by engagement with both end-users (moviegoers) and exhibitors, Vista Apps understands what moviegoers want and cinemas need from mobile. Uniquely, the Vista Apps team works in partnership with exhibitor customers to manage their apps, applying insights gathered directly back into development.

Product Director Ruby Kolesky explains Vista Apps.

The philosophy behind Vista Apps

Product Director Ruby Kolesky explains the thinking behind Vista Apps:

"We spend a lot of time thinking holistically about how we go about doing things and, the biggest lesson we’ve learned is that at the centre of everything you do, every product you make, and every service you offer is: engagement.

"It’s a really interesting prospect for the Vista Apps team because engagement is not just about us communicating with the cinemas about how we can make our product better. We’ve learned that we need to engage with the people using our products - the moviegoers themselves.

"Our engagement with our own customers is a lot deeper than it was before, because we work in partnership with our customers to run their products with them which is incredibly exciting.

"This philosophy has also facilitated improved engagement between the cinemas and moviegoers through the products, and the resulting outcome is the exciting representation of our customers brands through this offering."

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