Vista is partnering with ScreenPlus to bring you the opportunity of a premium, personally branded Video on Demand solution for your loyal customer base.


  • Bring an additional revenue stream to your current business model by servicing your customers outside the cinema.
  • Leverage your at-home audience and engage them with your cinema; retain your loyal audience while opening a new stream of engagement.
  • Showcase your cinema’s unique branding with a fully customisable video on demand service, accessible via web and all connected apps and devices.
  • Integration with Vista Loyalty means you can offer your Video on Demand as loyalty-exclusive, attracting new membership signups from an even wider audience.
  • Leverage Movio’s propensity-based segmentation tools to activate cross-promotional campaigns to loyalty members from cinema to VOD.
  • An all-in-one solution, integrated with the Vista products you trust, and powered by industry-leading partners.
  • This is a fully-hosted solution, and native integration with your existing Vista Cinema software means a speedy time-to-market; we’ll get you up and running quickly.

Engage your at-home audience

With a loyal audience of moviegoers who are familiar with and trust your cinema brand, you can deliver a video on demand site that matches your existing branding, promote it to your loyal moviegoers, and not only provide them with entertainment at home, but create a new avenue of revenue for your business outside of your cinema sites.

To see what this partnership could create for you, and how ScreenPlus can customise to match your cinema branding, see our sample site:

A proven, industry-leading solution

ScreenPlus is a world-leading premium Video on Demand solution for the theatrical market. This solution is powered by Shift72—technology that is used to securely sell and deliver thousands of studio titles around the world.

Many film festivals are powered by Shift72; from South by Southwest (SXSW) to the Cannes Film Festival; ScreenPlus has exceptional worldwide experience with delivering for the demand of film festivals. With their solutions tied into Vista Cinema software, you can draw in your at-home audience to reengage them with your cinema online – whether through web, mobile devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more.

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