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Vista Entertainment is the global leader in the cinema management software industry. The Cinema Intelligence product suite empowers cinema exhibitors to make smarter data-driven business decisions with Artificial Intelligence solutions for forecasting, process optimization, and business analysis. Cinema Intelligence capabilities are powered by the latest technologies, including machine learning, mathematical models, data warehousing, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB. Products are hosted within Azure Cloud, with Kubernetes and the latest CICD pipelines via Azure Devops.

Principal objectives:

The main objectives of the QA Team Lead are to ensure that Vista software has a high level of quality before it is released to customers, and to act as a servant leader to a variety of developers and data scientists to assist them in their constant drive towards greatness.

You will play a key part in the development of a global cloud AI product which predicts the demand of upcoming movie blockbusters and decides the daily movie schedule of major cinemas around the world. You will actively contribute to building Machine Learning models and a data culture together with our data scientists.

As a QA you will be deeply involved in manual testing and release management, and as a Team Lead you will be providing vision, cohesion, and process to the people you are working with.

As a candidate you will be excited by the prospect of exposure to the latest technologies, even though you might not have existing proficiency within the full stack. We encourage curious candidates to apply, and we’ll learn together!

Key responsibilities:

Test Planning, Test Execution, Processes

· In collaboration with the Product Owner / Development Team, review development requirements to understand the business case, and produce Acceptance Criteria, Test Estimates, Test plans and Reviews.

· Execute and document the results of Test Plans, providing necessary feedback to the Development Team, including data scientists, developers, and the Product Owner.

· Critically evaluate testing processes to ensure efficiency, avoid regressions, and pre-empt incidents.

· Work with the development team to maintain high standards and low rework levels.

Release Management

· Act as a gatekeeper for release, and co-ordinate with the Product Owner to ensure a smooth release cadence.

· Coordinating with DevOps and manage deployment of release as per the defined schedule.

· Track the progress and find issues, if any. Always work to improve the process of release.

Team Leadership

· Nurture and grow team cohesion, focus, and morale.

· Develop excellent relationships and communications with Engineering Managers, Product Owners, Support specialists, and other Vista teams.

· Engage with individuals via 1-1’s and mentoring where appropriate.

Functional relationships with:

· Developers

· Data Scientists / Analysts

· Architect

· DevOps engineer

· Support Specialists

· Product Owner

· Engineering Manager

· A variety of development teams within the global Vista organisation

Qualifications and experience:

· 2+ years of leadership within development teams: mentoring, professional development, motivation, recruiting, and onboarding.

· Strong expertise in decomposing product requirements and designing test scenarios, experience in analyzing different types of technical testing, and choosing actionable items.

· Experience in complex functional testing.

· 3+ years of experience in working with agile methodologies, ability to facilitate any Scrum meeting.

· Experience working in Azure Cloud environments.

· Experience in setting up quality assurance processes for APIs and / or ML models.

· Excellent oral and written communication with the ability to interact effectively with a range of stakeholders from management to technical staff and sometimes to customers.

· Upper-Intermediate level of English.

Nice to have:

· 2+ years of automated tests experience.

· Experience with Python & ML frameworks.

· SaaS B2B experience preferred.

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