"This reduction in hours delivered projected annual savings of US$70,000 per cinema..."

Matthew Baizer, COO at Flix Brewhouse 


Attendance Forecasting - Case Study

MovieTeam join forces with Cinema Intelligence to deliver improved labor management to unique cinema/brewery Flix Brewhouse.

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About Cinema Intelligence and MovieTeam

Cinema Intelligence (‘CI’) is a Vista Group company, providing artificial intelligence solutions for forecasting, distributor negotiation, automated scheduling, and business analysis. MovieTeam is Vista Cinema’s cloud-based staff scheduling solution. CI’s integration with Vista Cinema’s MovieTeam has delivered the ‘Attendance Forecasting’ feature that enables a cinema chain to achieve labor cost savings and efficiencies using predicted performance data.


The future of Staff Scheduling starts here

MovieTeam reimagines the management of staff scheduling for today’s cinemas. Designed especially for the unique staffing requirements of movie theaters, MovieTeam streamlines the staff scheduling process by integrating corporate HQ, cinema management, and cinema staff.


  • This cloud-based application simplifies user adoption and eliminates the frustration and cost of deploying, maintaining, and using separate software at head office and in your cinemas.
  • With zero learning curve, MovieTeam offers an unmatched, user-friendly experience across all types of users.
  • Reduce unnecessary costs arising from overstaffing (such as incurring liabilities for insurance and overtime), and prevent under-staffing causing operational slowdowns or reduced customer service.
  • Managers save valuable time creating schedules, and can set up schedule templates with jobs and shifts ready to be assigned.
  • Set up pay rates and view your scheduled payroll to ensure you stick to your budget.



Staff Scheduling for Cinemas

“Right people, right time, right place” - More than just a saying. Driven by this motto, MovieTeam will transform your staff scheduling process.

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