Connect - whatever the sales channel

Vista Connect is the engine behind all your remote sales. A single access point for ticketing, concessions, deals, rewards and loyalty makes it easy for remote channels to sell through Vista.

Vista Connect allows you to process sales directly into your Vista system from Vista Web, Mobile, Call Centre, or your own 3rd party channels. Not only that, Connect integrates with Loyalty and Vouchers & Gift Cards, so customers booking remotely can take advantage of the same deals as those in cinema.

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Projection Interface

Projection made simple.

Through our projection interface you can import scheduling info and be confident your projection schedule is always up to date.

Use Showtime Manager or Film Programming with your TMS, and not only can you share film schedules between theatres, you can also update any last-minute changes. Once your projection interface is set up, it’s all on automatic, so there’s less room for error, and far less cost.

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Signage Interface

Reading the signs.

It’s no problem to run your own digital signage software alongside your existing Vista system. Using Vista’s signage interface, they’ll talk to one another just fine.

Display information for moviegoers such as films now showing or coming soon using the signage interface. Our content delivery network (CDN) gathers content from movieXchange and then delivers the trailers, images, posters and other movie info to your signage.

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Air Conditioning Interface

Temperature ok?

It’s all cool. Vista Air Conditioning interface sends session times and admission numbers to your aircon system to regulate the air flow for maximum comfort for your moviegoers, saving you money on energy bills and eliminating the need to manually control temperature.

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Payments Framework

How would you like to pay for that?

The payments framework allows your existing Vista systems to integrate seamlessly with different payment systems in many countries.  

Whatever the country or payment type, Vista’s Payments Framework has it covered.  EMV PIN pads for POS, third party websites, stored value cards, QR code-based payments, and in-app payments for mobile – no problem, and usually no need to upgrade your core Vista applications to deploy a new payment connector.

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