Digital Enablement

Scale to blockbuster moments and deliver amazing user experiences regardless of who builds your sales channels.

Robust, reliable, and secure

  • Robust ticketing engine with powerful transaction flows
  • Proactively scaled and monitored transaction pipeline – equipped to handle blockbuster moments
  • Regular updates for effortless access to new innovation

Grow and engage your moviegoer audiences

  • Personalised user experiences
  • Analyse and influence moviegoer behaviour
  • Natively integrated food & beverage ordering, member sign-up, and e-gift store

Digital Platform

Digital Enablement offers multiple digital channels options, all running on the Digital Platform

Digital Platform

The foundation to delivering the ultimate digital experience

Build innovative sales channels with our blockbuster-ready transaction engine and comprehensive toolkit. Including exemplary environment and service from Vista Cloud’s Core Confidence, Data Empowerment capabilities, modern APIs, and innovative features, the Digital Platform is the best place to build, run, and enhance your sales channels.

The Digital Platform toolkit includes:

Omnichannel APIs (OCAPI)
Front-end focused, future-proofed API for omnichannel sales channels. Recently built ground up, OCAPI is modern, easy to work with, secure, fast, and highly functional.

Highlights include:
• Subscriptions: book with a friend
• Pricing: improved tax-exclusive pricing support & discount calculations
• Loyalty: cookie-based authentication
• Ticketing: seat previews
• F&B: item and order comments on all orders (without a session)
MX Film Base
The studio-official movie media portal that simplifies your workflow. Localised content and automated updates ensure you’re always using accurate and up-to-date movie content, effortlessly.
MX Showtimes
The easiest way to share data-rich showtimes with third parties and moviegoers
Customer Experience Manager (CXM)
Dynamic personalisation engine to create a tailored experience for each guest
Living Ticket
Always up-to-date digital ticket that evolves over the course of the moviegoer’s journey – updating as orders are made – and places them in control of their cinema experience.

• Sent from web, kiosk, POS, and mobile
• Customisable for an enhanced and consistent omnichannel experience
• Self-service refunds, Start my order, and more features to empower moviegoers to self-serve and streamline your operations


Sleek cinema websites, mobile apps, & kiosks

Seamless omnichannel ticketing with natively integrated food and beverage, gift cards, vouchers, loyalty, and subscriptions are within reach, no matter the sales channel. Our white label sales channels include our latest scan-to-order food service.

  • Optimised for conversion
  • User-centred responsive design
  • Highly configurable


Bespoke cinema websites to fit your brand

Deliver award-winning user experiences. Work with our in-house agency for custom-made browsing and best practice ticketing experience.

  • Collaborative process
  • Unique guest experience
  • Industry standard transaction flows
Your partner in delivering the ultimate moviegoer experience

Build your own

In-house or using a third party

Leverage the best of Vista’s innovation, with more flexibility than ever before. There are multiple ways of working with the Digital Platform and different part of your suite can live at different levels.

  • API only: standard API integration against OCAPI
  • API + reference code: client-side code provided by Vista
  • Lumos plugins: fully-formed experiences ready to add to your existing channels

We’re now partnering with several third-party digital channels providers – ask us about the ones we currently integrate with.


What's in the box?

What's included

Omnichannel API (OCAPI)
Customer Experience Manager (CXM)
MovieXchange Film
  • MX Film Base: automated, distributor-approved movie metadata and media
  • MX Showtimes: sharing data-rich showtimes with third-parties
Living Ticket
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Kiosk
  • Order
Lumos plugins

Power ups

MovieXchange Film
  • Content+: custom media creation & management
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Lumos+: custom browsing
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