Moviegoer Engagement

Drive incremental returns and boost moviegoer retention and spend with tailored interfaces, communications, and offers.

Loyalty and Subscriptions

Customisable member management and rewards systems to turn moviegoers into a devoted returning audience.

  • Feature-rich and highly configurable to set up unique rewards, memberships, concessions, points, and promotions
  • Native integration with the Vista suite
  • Consolidate your CRM system and marketing campaign management into one easy-to-use space developed specifically for the cinema industry
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Also includes

Vouchers and gift cards

All-in-one solution to create, manage, track, and monitor your vouchers and gift cards across all sales channels. Comes with comprehensive reports for reconciliation and accounting, as well as for managing stock orders and inventory

Promo-payment engine

Promo-payment engine. Feature that automatically and proportionally reduces film hire and tax when selling discounted payment methods or offering loyalty points – leading to significant cost-savings. Promo-payment engine allows you to comply with any territory's tax laws

What's in the box?

What's included

Intelligent marketing data analytics and campaign management solution
Customisable member management and rewards system to drive moviegoer engagement
Create and manage subscriptions schemes to turn moviegoers into repeat customers
Vouchers & Gift Cards
All-in-one solution to manage, sell, and monitor vouchers and gift cards
Promo-Payment Engine
Reduce tax and film hire for payment methods you offer at a discount

Power ups

Movio Cinema EQ
  • Email campaigns
  • Push, SMS, social and digital campaigns
  • Data Out
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