Connect and enhance the world of your cinema through Living Tickets. 

Living digital tickets can evolve and adapt to your customer. By sending cloud-hosted digital tickets to your moviegoers through email or SMS, you create an easy-to-reference point of information for your moviegoers that can change and develop – we call this the Living Ticket.


  • Save on costs and reduce the environmental impact of printing traditional tickets on paper.
  • Provide flexibility for your customers in how they receive and use their movie tickets.
  • Enhance your moviegoers’ experiences through the evolution of the Living Ticket.
  • The Living Ticket’s animated elements change when the show is admitting, for cinemas which don’t want barcode scanners.
  • Track customers’ purchase history alongside their contact information to build a ‘customer journey’ that can inform future interactions.


The Living Ticket

The Living Ticket is an omnichannel component with Vista’s new web functionality – an online ticket that evolves over the course of the customer’s experience. Compared to the static format of print, a digital ticket can be updated over time, bringing new opportunities both for you and your customer – even minutes before the film starts.

The Living Ticket updates alongside films, so if showtime changes allocated screens, the Living Ticket reflects this for the customer. Or when moviegoers are ready to be admitted to a film, the ticket changes colour, so the customer knows that the time has come to take their seats. The simple colour change also means ushers can tell at a glance if a customer can be admitted even if the cinema doesn’t have barcode scanners.

All these real-time information updates encourage repeat views of your Living Tickets, which opens promotional opportunities that will be seen multiple times. The Living Ticket is a single receipt that ties everything together conveniently, ever adapting to fit the customer journey.

Flexible delivery

Living Tickets can be ordered from POS, Kiosk, and Web, building towards this ticket being an omnichannel experience across your sales channels. Decide which methods of delivery are available at each of your POS stations and Kiosks. For example, you could have your Kiosks entirely paperless and other POS stations offering the option of traditional printed tickets.

When a customer purchases a Living Ticket, they supply contact information – an email address or phone number – for SMS or email delivery of their ticket. Capturing this contact information at POS and Kiosk is driven through a bespoke touch-supported keyboard optimised for email and number input, ensuring checkout times remain swift.

The customer journey

The data behind the Living Ticket is what we call the ‘customer journey’. Each time a guest goes paperless, because they supply contact information for their ticket, we can track their journey in a way that was previously only possible with loyalty. Loyalty relies on customers identifying themselves as members at each interaction, which they might not do in a hurry or without motivation from rewards. Saving the environment is a great motivator for choosing a paperless ticket! When a customer’s journey is captured in this way, it then becomes a powerful tool to help make decisions, and in the future to drive targeted content to the Living Ticket.

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Connect the world of your cinema through Living Tickets!

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