Operational Excellence

Ensure your team can serve your guests and operate your theatres as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Streamlined workflows and modern experience

Vista Cloud is easy to access and simple to use – enabling your team to make the most of Vista’s technology and be more productive, every day.​

  • Secure single sign-on
  • Centralised navigation
  • Simple user and device management
  • Web-based reporting and maintenance
  • Swift app installations
Cut back on maintenance and testing efforts

Comprehensive solutions to
power all your operations

Head Office

The hub of your cinema circuit – create, manage and control critical operational settings across your sites to keep them in-sync and up-to-date at all times, from pricing and promotions to financial reports and stock movements.


All operational actions, right at cinema staff’s fingertips: sales, stock management, box office, cash flow, reporting, ticket validation, digital signage, and more.


Features that streamline all aspects of your film programmers' workflow, supported by AI-powered capabilities for film and attendance forecasting, cinema budgeting, and schedule optimisation.

Food & Beverage

Fully-integrated system that links tables to tickets and food to film for enhanced moviegoing experiences. Our cinema-dedicated solutions power multiple F&B concepts at a single site – self-service, lobby bar, restaurant, in-seat dining, and more.

Corporate Bookings

Corporate sales solutions that allow guests to self-serve and connect every aspect of group bookings – from an initial sales enquiry to quoting, confirmation, follow-up, and completion.

What's in the box?

What's included

Head Office
Cinema Manager
POS (excluding checks & tips)
Digital Signage
Cinema Intelligence
  • Film Forecasting
  • Cinema Budgeting
Food & Beverage
  • Counter-pickup for concessions ordering

Power ups

Advanced Film & Corporate Bookings

Film Manager
Film Hire
Group Sales
Corporate Vouchers
Cinema Intelligence
  • Attendance forecasting
  • Schedule optimisation

Advanced Cinema Operations

Call Centre

Advanced Food & Beverage

Kitchen screen & printing (Food & beverage)
Checks & tips (POS)
We help exhibitors
Track performances
Sell more tickets
Understand moviegoers
Boost visitation
Increase spend per head
Delight moviegoers
Optimise operations
Be more productive
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