Take sales to the seats with Serve – your waitstaff’s handheld ordering application that turns them into sales connoisseurs in a flash.

Serve is a mobile application dedicated to advanced ordering. It takes the functionality of Point of Sale into the theatre itself for excellent restaurant dining experiences with a simple, easy-to-use interface focused on easily driving sales. Serve was built in partnership with our customers, so you can be sure that it’s designed just right for you.


  • Turn your waitstaff into sales specialists with prompts and suggestions for all upselling opportunities, and guidance for providing the best customer service.
  • Save on training costs, as Serve is easy to learn and use right from the beginning.
  • EMV payment capability allows for fast and simple transactions; Serve supports all common payment methods, including PayWave.
  • Lower costs and requirements for both the hardware and software compared to other devices available on the market.
  • First-class citizen of the Vista product family, seamless integration with your existing Vista configuration. 



Service in the palm of your hand

With Serve, your staff can take a small, handy device, ready to offer complex food and drinks to the moviegoers at their seats. They can open checks quickly and easily, selecting the seats of the customer from the seat plan, even assigning checks across multiple rows and seats for a large group is as simple as a few taps on the plan.

The tricks and nuances of advanced service are made simple, with the ability to hold items to fire to the kitchen at the right time, to have delivery timed to keep an order coming together or to make the round of drinks arrive earlier, as well as to modify and customise items, and assign individual items to their appropriate seats. In no time at all, your cinema staff will be delivering their orders as flawlessly as waiting specialists.

You can even open checks outside the cinema, in the restaurant or bar just as simply, and can ensure orders are able to follow those guests even if they move from the bar to the cinema seats; Serve provides restaurant-quality ordering and will make your waitstaff shine!

Easy to learn, easy to use

Built in partnership with our customers, we’ve developed Serve to be as easy to use as possible, so you don’t need to invest time in training staff to learn complex systems; it’s a mobile application built to be intuitive. With simplified layouts and interactions, Serve is straightforward and as easy for your staff as any mobile application while retaining the capabilities of advanced food and beverage offerings. Not only that, it also upskills your staff, with reminders, prompts, and guides for upselling, re-ordering, follow ups, and more built into the app to guide them on the fly as they become sales specialists.

Serve integrates with many other products in Vista’s food and beverage offerings, and with the advanced abilities and interconnection with Vista software, Serve provides a silky-smooth in-seat dining experience for both you and your moviegoers.

Uninterrupted, streamlined service

Serve uses conventional Wi-Fi, keeping deployment simple and affordable. The workflow remains uninterrupted too, as Serve has the capability to continue running seamlessly if in a Wi-Fi blackspot or when dropping out of connectivity. By queueing any tasks and orders while offline, Serve is able to automatically process the queue when connection is restored.

Serve also enhances customer service potential and speeds up the process of ordering. For example; when selecting seats for an order, Serve can recognise groups of seats whose tickets were purchased together, and can draw those into an order, as well as finding loyalty membership used to buy those seats and associating that to the check automatically.

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