Turn your moviegoers into repeat customers

Offering absolute flexibility, best-in-class customer experience, and full control over your sales channels and valuable data, Subscriptions is the ultimate solution to shape tailored offers that efficiently bring moviegoers back to your cinema again and again.


With Subscriptions...

  • Boost your revenue through a recurring income stream and increased visitation
  • Provide seamless customer experiences thanks to native integration with the full Vista suite 
  • Create truly unique offers with this feature-rich, highly customisable solution
  • Keep full control over your moviegoer journey, sales channels, and data

Because there's more than recurring billing behind a successful subscription offering!

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Hear the story of how Subscriptions came to be

In early 2019, we kicked off our subscription project, after assessing the market and hearing interest from customers all over the world.

"As always, we wanted to ensure we developed the best solution for our customers. A solution that is flexible and powerful enough to not only meet their very different needs, but also to solve the issues they faced when creating their own schemes or when using third-party services."

— Joakim Kampe, Head of Product at Vista

Read the full "behind the scenes" story of this exciting one-year-long project here.


Loyalty is key

All subscription plans aim to leverage moviegoers' engagement to turn them into repeat customers. But only Subscriptions brings this promise even further by strategically working on top of our Loyalty module!

  • Leverage Loyalty's extensive range of powerful functionalities to create subscription offers your way
  • Ensure perfect coherence and maximise upsell between your loyalty and subscription programs
  • Use a single platform to set up and manage all loyalty and subscription schemes for the entire cinema
Out-of-the-box subscription portal example

Out-of-the-box subscription portal example

: Subscriptions requires version 5.0.7 or later of Loyalty. Upgrading now will help you save time during the implementation of Subscriptions – it's easy and quick when you follow our Loyalty Upgrade Guide.

Interested in Subscriptions but not a Loyalty user yet? We have the perfect bundle deal ready for you!


To learn more about Subscriptions or request a demo, get in touch with your account manager or contact us.