Head Office

Central command for your cinema circuit

Vista Head Office is ‘command HQ’ for cinema circuit owners, allowing you to centralise operations, configure film data, see performance and revenue and even balance stock across your circuit. With Head Office you can manage your whole circuit as one entity.

Vista Head Office at a glance

  • Reduce manual work. Hours spent manually preparing head office reports to compare data across sites are a thing of the past.
  • Saves time. Enter the basic info common to all cinemas just once and distribute via Head Office - easy.
  • Accountants love it. Use Head Office to control daily sales and revenue, spot any discrepancies, and reduce the opportunity for fraud.
  • See performance on demand. Head Office uploads box office, concession sales, and sales info regularly so it’s easy to see how a cinema is performing.
  • Better stock control. Centralised stock control between cinemas makes stock balancing easy and less of a manual process.

Compare data across sites

Head Office makes it easy to compare data across all your sites, so you can see relative contributions from each cinema. Enter film hire contract information into Head Office, and calculate film hire costs and what’s owed to distributors automatically.

Auditing awesomeness

Head Office provides a summary of the day’s transactions at any cinema, displaying these online through the Head Office portal so the information you get is fast and accurate. This removes the opportunity for any unnoticed alteration of daily reports by cinema staff, all but eliminating the chance of fraud.

Not only that, Head Office streamlines all accounting for box office sales, vouchers, concession sales and receipts, staff timesheets, loyalty transactions, and banking and payment. Head Office also caters to cinema circuits across different countries, storing amounts in both the currency used at the cinema and at head office.

Centralises set up

Having to key-in the same information at every cinema is time consuming. Tickets, concession items, pricing, payment, promotions, screens and workstations can all be set up in Head Office and distributed.

Integrates with movieXchange

Head Office integrates with MovieXchange so you can directly download promotional material, censor ratings and content notes, and distribute these across your circuit.

Would you like coke with that?

Head Office has a cross-site stock transfer application, allowing you to manage and record stock movement between sites in one process instead of two. This increases efficiency and reduces the chance of human error, so it’s more accurate, and faster.

Head Office Uploads & Downloads

Read this edition of Vista Uncovered to learn about how Vista can help you address the challenge of managing data across a large-scale cinema circuit.


Head Office

Centralised command of your circuit.

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Vista Analytics

All the info you need to make the right decisions, any time, any place

Vista Analytics is a smart suite of solutions that puts the real-time information you need about key cinema and circuit operations right at your fingertips and easily visible at a glance. Because it’s a web-based solution, you can see trends, make decisions and act quickly and effectively.

Vista Analytics at a glance

  • All the good stuff. Vista Analytics measures all the KPI’s you need to make fast and effective decisions; box-office and internet sales; concessions revenue; spend per customer, occupancy, and much more, are all right there for you.
  • See it as it happens. Because Vista Analytics delivers info in real time, you can see trends and make immediate decisions that make a difference to the bottom line.
  • Easy-to-view layout. Analytics Performance Dashboard is specifically designed to be visually appealing and show you what you need to know, at a glance.
  • Decisions on the move. Vista Analytics in a web-based solution and will deploy on any browser or mobile device, so you can see information and act on it immediately, wherever you are.
  • Time to drill down. If you see something in your KPIs you want to take a closer look at, you can. With Infoworks, you can look at the detail of any cinema’s activity.
  • Circuit support. Circuit Stats is a mobile app which gives you performance snapshots, so you can support any cinema in your circuit, even when you’re not in the office.

Real time data - at a glance analysis

The Vista Analytics suite ensures you always have a crystal-clear picture of what’s going on in your circuit or cinema at any time. It’s made up of three browser-based products:

It’s easy to see

The Performance Dashboard gathers real-time data on KPIs from across your circuit or from individual cinemas and displays it graphically.
You can see box office receipts, concessions revenue, internet sales, spend per customer and occupancy at a glance, and even drill down into each one for more detail.

Want to see sales for specific concession items? Done. You can also filter your data according to date, region or individual cinema.

Time to mine

Infoworks takes you right into your data, with data-mining tools which allow you to analyse KPIS deeply, and export salient info to spreadsheets so you can share with managers in your circuit to highlight issues and opportunities or make comparisons.

Out of office – but not out of touch

Circuit Stats is a mobile application, so you can monitor any cinema in your circuit to see real time box office and concession sales, spend per customer, and other information, and support any cinema site from wherever you are.

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Vista Analytics – the best view of your circuit performance from anywhere you are.

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Are your customers loyal? Vista Loyalty will keep them that way.

The best business is repeat business, and Vista Loyalty will keep your ‘regulars’ coming back for more, more often. Use it to reward your loyal customers, gain insight into their behaviour and stimulate spend per visit.

Vista Loyalty at a glance

  • Deliver what they love. Vista Loyalty gives you great insight into your customers’ behaviour and preferences, so you can reward their loyalty with more of what they enjoy, more often.
  • It’s completely flexible. You can build any kind of rewards system you like, based on customer visits or spend, and tailor those rewards to your customers’ preferences.
  • Highly targeted marketing. Because Vista Loyalty offers you such rich data on movie-goers’ preferences and behaviour, you can develop perfectly targeted marketing campaigns with Movio.
  • Totally integrated. Vista Loyalty integrates with Vista Cinema, Kiosk, Web, Mobile, and Call Centre so however your customers choose to interact with you, they are recognised and rewarded automatically.
  • Easy to manage. Vista Loyalty is web-based, so you can distribute the management responsibility internally, or outsource it to a third party.

Build the rewards programme you want

Vista Loyalty is so flexible. It works with a wide range of existing membership programs or you can build any rewards programme you wish. From simple discounted tickets or points earned from purchases; to sophisticated tiered membership levels, even subscription schemes where your customers pay a certain amount per month and go to the cinema as many times as they want.

You can offer additional rewards for attending specific films, or on certain days of the week, or for reaching certain milestones. Whatever your preference, our team will help configure a loyalty scheme that fits the bill. You can even use Vista’s Loyalty to manage your staff benefits.

Combine Loyalty and Movio – and watch your attendances rise

Loyalty integrates seamlessly with Movio, which you can use to analyse and report on your customers’ preferences, and build highly-targeted marketing campaigns, crafted to speak directly to them. Want to reach out to only 18-30 year olds who have attended two Marvel movies in a 12-month period? No problem.

Use Loyalty and Movio together to create a SMS or email campaign to speak to that specific audience and tailor rewards and recognition to encourage specific behaviour from them. Isolate a control group and track the results to get a clear picture on your exact return on investment for each campaign.

However your customer interacts, we’ve got this

Movio isn’t Loyalty‘s only friend, far from it. Vista Loyalty integrates with Vista Cinema, Kiosk, Web, Mobile, Call Centre, and Vouchers and Gift Cards, linking rewards, memberships, points and promotions. However your customer interacts, either via Vista Web or through another sales channel, they can see their rewards adding up, or choose to use them.

Vista Loyalty generates rewards automatically. So you can send reward milestones to members via email or SMS, or prompt POS operators to inform customers when they next visit, which in all likelihood will be soon. You can tailor different messages to members, based on their demographics, member status or purchase history.

If you wish, you can configure loyalty points to expire on the anniversary of earning them, or have them renewed with each visit, so customers are sure to make regular return trips.

It’s all about the ratings

Loyalty has in-built ratings capability, giving you a direct feedback channel to your customers. Members can give star ratings and comments on each visit and you can communicate through email or push notifications to proactively prompt ratings for films, food & drink, and overall experience. Your members’ ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ rankings of trailers and film reviews will help you revise film schedules and refine marketing communications.

Web-based and easily managed

Vista Loyalty is entirely web-based, so member acquisition and renewal, lost and stolen cards, and member cancellation, can be done from anywhere within your organisation, or outsourced to a third party.

Howdy partner

Collaborate and co-market with partners using Vista Loyalty. Third party business partners can connect to the Loyalty server and validate and record member activity. Members can earn points or redeem rewards at your partner businesses, and it’s all integrated.

Hoyts Australia

Hoyts award winning loyalty program came about through the installation of Vista, including its Loyalty module, and later working hand in hand with Vista Group company Movio.



Inspire your audience. Keep them coming back for more.

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Vouchers & Gift Cards

Engage, manage, repeat. Vouchers and Gift Cards made easy.

Vouchers and gift cards are great tools to retain your brand top of mind and motivate your customers to return time and again to your cinema. Vista’s Vouchers and Gift Cards (VGC) platform makes it easy to co-ordinate all your VGC management.

Vouchers & Gift Cards at a glance

  • Management made easy. Manage, issue, redeem and account for vouchers with the easy-to-use VGC platform.
  • Fully integrated. VGC supports POS and all remote sales channels like Kiosk, and Web, so redemption is a smooth process for your customers – and the Vista Web Gift shop simplifies gifting.
  • Does the hard work. Use Voucher Manager within VGC to create customised vouchers that you can share easily across your cinema network. VGC eliminates all the time consuming manual work.
  • Great for corporates. A dedicated corporate portal and log in makes distribution and fulfilment of large orders quick and seamless.
  • Safe and accurate. VGC validates all your vouchers automatically, so it’s more efficient, eliminates human error and gives you a robust audit trail.

It’s VGC easy

Vista VGC is an ideal platform to issue, manage, redeem and track the vouchers and gift cards you use to drive that all-important repeat business.

Your customers can redeem vouchers for tickets, concessions or a specific money value, you can even create booklets of vouchers with a range of different offers.

Let Voucher Manager do the heavy lifting

Voucher Manager is built into the VGC package, and it does all the hard work for you. Via an intuitive interface, you simply tell Voucher Manager what you want; what the voucher is valid for, the expiry date, even where it’s valid, and Voucher Manager will create the voucher types and distribute them to individual cinemas. Voucher Manager allows you to create and maintain gift cards and vouchers all in one place and make them instantly available when you want to distribute them.

One card to rule them all

Brand your gift cards with your logo and load up with any dollar amount you wish; your customers can recharge them at any time. Gift cards integrate seamlessly with Vista Loyalty too, so they double as both a payment and loyalty card; customers can earn rewards while they redeem their card balance.

Many roads to redemption

As you’d expect, customers can redeem through your POS, Kiosk, Vista Web or Mobile and the Vista Web Gift Shop allows customers to purchase vouchers as a gift and email them to their recipient, how handy is that?

Even if you lose your network connection to the VGC database, your cinemas can still process most vouchers offline, and verify them when your connection is back up and running.

Great for corporate customers

Corporate sales are a top source of revenue and VGC is in its element here. VGC includes a dedicated corporate web portal with SMS service; allowing your customers to create an account, log in and distribute voucher barcodes electronically via SMS or email, straight to their recipients, who can redeem at any Vista sales channel. Customers can also print vouchers from PDF’s, or export CSV files so a third party can print them.

Safe as houses

VGC allows you to set your own voucher validation rules, so it’s as secure as you want it to be. You can associate different rules with different types of vouchers, barcodes or gift cards, so you can limit usage to certain locations, dates, pricing, or restrict overrides.

VGC validation checks occur real-time across your circuit, and include whether a voucher has been sold, redeemed, refunded expired or lost or damaged. All this creates a better transaction process and takes the pressure off POS staff. When an error occurs, your managers may override the system in the interests of customer satisfaction if you wish.

By the numbers

The Online Voucher Validation Auditor (OVV) offers an end-to-end auditing process for your vouchers. With OVV, reconciling sold, redeemed, expired and unredeemed vouchers is easy, fast and accurate.

OVV generates a complete report of redeemed vouchers and records offline transactions. You can even import third party sales records via an automated schedule function.

OVV is built in to VGC and integrates with Vista Head Office, operating independently of real-time validation, so you know your audit is accurate and robust.

As you’d expect VGC also provides comprehensive reports on sales, redemptions, stock levels, and the unredeemed value of vouchers and gift cards. You can even run a cross cinema location reconciliation, which will give you a picture of vouchers sold at one cinema but redeemed at another.

Loyalty-Integrated Gift Cards

Learn to combine the data-capturing power of a Loyalty card with the revenue benefits of a gift card, and give your customers extra payment flexibility.


Vouchers & Gift Cards

Give yourself the gift of repeat business.

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Film Programming

Make light work of film booking and scheduling.

Film programming is a complex business. Vista Film Programming makes it easier: you can plan, book, schedule and monitor sessions; add movie data; create contracts and define film hire terms - all in one system. Film Programming works in conjunction with Vista’s Head Office.

Film Programming at a glance

  • It’s really flexible.  Planning tools allow you start planning film schedules months in advance and gives you policies that can be re-used time and again. 
  • Refreshingly intuitive.  Film Programming incorporates Vista Film Manager – which has a user-friendly web interface and makes decision making so much easier - all the info is right there.
  • Versatile, ‘total picture’ scheduling.  Film Programming gives you a 360° view of your holdovers and movie schedules.  Create and change them based on box office performance.
  • Marshalls your resources, saving time. Film Programming integrates with MX Film, giving you the promotional resources you require in one digital space.
  • It’s smarter with data.  Combine Film Programming, Cinema Intelligence and Numero for all the intel you need to adjust bookings and schedules for maximum attendance.

Let the planning begin

Using Vista Film Programming, planning can start months in advance (particularly useful for upcoming blockbuster movies).

Film Programming supports the way your programming team works and gives your programmers an intuitive interface to view release charts, films and box office history, so it’s easy to make informed decisions.

Here’s the deal

Film Programming’s inbuilt planning policies allow your programmers to prescribe how a film is shown, the number of sessions, and/or the specific times of day it should be scheduled. You can build a library of these policies and re-use them, saving ongoing replication time after time.

All of these can be approved at the cinema or head office within Film Programming.

…and when it comes to scheduling

Film Programming gives you options. Use bookings to either create holdovers that you send to cinema managers to schedule, or collaborate together on creating the actual schedule from both locations at the same time.

Film Programming shows the whole cinema schedule for the week; what’s played, what’s scheduled, and the box office revenue. Massage the schedule on the fly, add or drop sessions, or replace a film altogether, all based on performance.

Time-saving integration

Subscribe to MX Film, and through integration with Head Office you’ll get all the digital content you require; synopses, ratings, release dates, cast, all in one place. So too, all the digital media (posters, backdrops) you need for your signage, kiosks, websites and apps. No more time-consuming searching to find content for your scheduled films - get the work done in a few minutes!

It’s smarter with data

To maximise film attendance through data analysis, use Film Programming in conjunction with Cinema Intelligence to get your scheduling just right. Cinema Intelligence forecasts attendance based on the performance of similar films, and then factors in prior week performance, weather, events - even Google trends - to create a schedule for you that should maximise your revenue.

Using Film Programming with Numero and you’ll get access to national data about film performance, so you can compare and analyse your own circuit performance and change schedules as you see fit.

Marathon Screenings

Boost your special events programming by screening multiple related films back-to-back on a single ticket, like a superhero franchise or celebrating a director.


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Vista Film Programming – it’s a smarter way to plan and schedule.

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Trailer Scheduler

Fast and easy, Trailer Scheduler puts your scheduling on auto-pilot.

With Vista Trailer Scheduler trailer scheduling is fast and easy. Trailer Scheduler automatically creates a playlist of trailers for your cinema and customises it to meet your requirements. From initial discussions with film distributors, to sending finalised schedules to each site, Trailer Scheduler reduces the workload on your film programmers and cinema managers.

Vista Trailer Scheduler at a glance

  • Manual setup is a thing of the past. Vista Trailer Scheduler automates trailer schedules, no matter how big your circuit, eliminating a tedious and error prone process.
  • A big timesaver.  You can create schedules for your entire circuit in one go. For each film, with one click, you can generate trailer schedules for every screening site.
  • Schedules as you like them.  You may want different trailer content at different sites; or your distributors may have different scheduling requests. No problem.
  • Fully integrated. Trailer Scheduler integrates with the bookings in Vista Film Programming and when it’s up and running you can manage it within Vista Cinema.

Highly customizable, and time saving

Trailer Scheduler is so easy to use, and cuts down so much manual work. Simply select which films you want your trailers to precede, and Vista’s algorithm will automatically generate schedules for them, so manual scheduling is a thing of the past. Ideal for any cinema, but even better if you have a large circuit.

Of course, when it comes to scheduling, one size doesn’t fit all, so with Trailer Scheduler you can customize your schedules in different ways to meet site requirements, and your distributor partners’ scheduling requests. You can pre-define schedule rules, and then tweak them as necessary.

For example you could set a priority and/or coverage percentage against trailers, pre-setting 50% of schedules to include one trailer, and 50% of schedules to include another.

Trailer Scheduler allows you to review and modify any schedule before sending it to your sites. You’ll even get an alert if there are censor rating conflicts between the trailer and a feature film – you don’t want to show a horror trailer in front of a kids film!

Fully integrated and easy as click

Trailer Scheduler’s is web-based so you can access and manage your scheduling whatever operating system you use.

It integrates seamlessly with Vista Cinema and Film Programming,  so it knows which films are booked for the coming week, and schedules the right trailers against them.

And when you’ve got your schedule just as you want it, send your final trailer schedules to your sites with a push of a button.

You can give your cinema managers special instructions along with any schedules and get instant feedback about the delivery status of any schedule. Once it’s successfully received at a cinema, you can view it at any time in Vista Cinema.        

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Trailer Scheduler – making scheduling a breeze.

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Group Sales

Make the most of your theatre space, with everyone in the loop.

Vista Group Sales is an end-to end group booking and sales system designed to manage large group bookings for your cinemas. Group Sales connects everyone in one booking space, providing the tools for smooth, co-ordinated management of any event, and maximising use of your precious resource - your cinema circuit.

Group Sales at a glance

  • Maximises revenue. You have a theatre to rent out, your customer has a group of people to bring together. Group Sales is the ideal platform to maximise the use of your cinema, and your revenue.
  • Everyone can talk. Group Sales is the most integrated product in the Vista suite. The event organiser, the film programmer, cinema manager, finance controller, can all communicate easily and nothing gets lost in translation.
  • It’s adaptable. Whether it’s private bookings, distributor previews or private bookings within a public screening, you can manage it all in Group Sales.
  • Super flexible. Group Sales incorporates everything from schedule changes to pricing, adding films and concession items. You can even create a single event over multiple sites.
  • It’s easy to access. Group Sales is web-based and integrates with Vista Cinema, Film Programming, Vouchers & Gift Cards, and 3rd party CRM systems. An API gives your customers direct access. It’s a one stop solution that helps you deliver exactly the event your client desires.

End to end, Group Sales has got this

From booking to completion, Group Sales gets everyone communicating; armed with all the information they need to tailor a bespoke event for your customer.

Event start /finish times and activities such as Q&A sessions, terms, prices, films, concession items, staffing requirements, even film formats (such as IMAX or 3D) are all planned for film programmers to schedule, and it’s all neatly packaged and sent for the cinema operator to action.

Integration with Vista Cinema means you can keep track of all the deposits, part-payments, balance remaining and invoicing, minimising lost revenue due to error.

Make it just right

Whatever the event. - a film premiere, charity gala or private party - fine tuning flexibility is a real benefit of Group Sales. Any changes - such as adding food and beverage - are easily made and visible to everyone. You can even create a bespoke set of concessions directly or construct a VIP price list.

Customers can also “self-serve” through an API and change or create their own booking, which schedules an event and allows your corporate sales team to manage and finalise it. Once a booking is finalised, Group Sales will produce the order details and a quote for the customer. Integration with Vista Cinema means you can keep track of all the payments made too.


On event confirmation, programmers can see it in Film Programming, so they can resolve any scheduling conflict. The confirmed booking is visible at POS and in Showtime Manager – the cinema manager’s schedule dashboard in Vista Cinema

POS Operators have visibility of group bookings, including any pre-payments already made. Additional concession items and ticket types added to the Group Sales tab during the event are tracked and added to the final invoice. 

Vouchers? Easy

Vouchers sold through Group Sales are created in Vouchers & Gift Cards, where both head office and the cinema can track, print and deliver them wherever a customer wishes, or customers can collect them at POS. They can even activate vouchers themselves, as Group Sales integrates with our Corporate Vouchers portal.

Keep ‘em coming back

Use Group Sales and you’ll see at a glance any customer’s booking history, which means you can use that history to proactively market ideas and opportunities for hosting other events; and because Group Sales can integrate with your customers’ CRM system, you can add real value to their own marketing initiatives.

The tech

To run Group Sales you’ll need Vista Cinema, Head Office, Connect and Vouchers & Gift Cards, if you intend on selling corporate vouchers.

Use Group Sales to manage:

  • Private Bookings – allows your customers to make an exclusive booking of a screen or function room at your site.
  • Public Bookings – enables your customers to make a group booking as part of a public session, with options for function room hire and food and beverage packages.
  • Distributor Previews – provides distributors with the ability to book a screen for an exclusive preview showing, without ticket sales or film hire fees.
Explore Our Group Sales Infographic

Find out more about how Vista's Group Sales works with your teams to manage the corporate sales process from start to finish


Group Sales

Roll out the red carpet and keep your seats filled with an easy booking process for every occasion.

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