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POS seat-first ordering is a game-changer for all staff and moviegoer interactions, making it one of the most exciting functionalities released in Vista Cinema 5.0.9!

Contrary to its name, this innovative workspace isn’t the opposite of the traditional ticket-first ordering flow you're accustomed to. Now featuring both the seat map and the ticket types list in the same view, POS operators can begin the order through either pathway. They no longer have to pause a moviegoer in the middle of their order to ask for their ticket type choice first, and can follow the natural rhythm of the conversation.

By removing the software limitations and empowering the operator to solely focus on the guest’s order, you automatically create an increase in customer service quality. The time gained from not having to reconfirm the order—or reenter it entirely—helps prevent queues at the counter and enables your team to generate additional revenue by selling the best seats in the house even with premium pricing.

Get the inside POV on POS

Learn everything there is to know about POS seat-first ordering from Tristan Phipps (Head of Design and UX), Tim Mortlock (Product Director for POS), Amira Moharam (Squad Lead), Richard Edwards (POS Tech Lead), and Michael Edkins (Mission Lead) as they look back on their time spent building this workspace:

Our experts take you through POS seat-first ordering

Our experts take you through POS seat-first ordering


Browse the 5.0.9 Release Notes for technical details on configuring the seat-first ordering mode at POS and contact your Account Manager to discuss your upgrade plans today.

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