Introducing Rove, the Promo-Payment Engine, and the incredible enhancements in Vista’s latest release, 5.0.9!

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We’re excited as always to bring you our latest creation; presenting the ninth major release of Vista 5.0! We’ve got some amazing details to share, including our brand new offering, Rove—a mobile point-of-sale app that empowers your staff to engage with moviegoers throughout your cinema, and beyond.

While new Vista releases always have us buzzing, we’re most excited by the return of cinemas. Every time we see one of your cinemas open its doors again, we’re excited, and Vista’s 5.0.9 release is built to make your return that much better. We’ve built 5.0.9 with significant enhancements and new strategic solutions specifically designed to help you come back strong.

For the past year, we’ve focused our efforts on empowering you to better operate and provide the very best moviegoing experiences. But the improvements we’ve made across popular software like Cinema Manager, while extensive and exciting, are just the tip of the iceberg.

5.0.9 marks our introduction of Rove; our new mobile point-of-sale app that allows you to take that extra step in stellar customer service and maximise your sales opportunities!

We’re also introducing new solutions built from our efforts partnering directly with cinemas around the world. Working together helps us pinpoint what can make a real difference for all of you, and the results of that work are clear in collaborations including seat-first ordering on POS to put your customer experience at the forefront, and the Promo-Payment Engine that will mean lower overheads, lower tax, and lower film hire by ensuring you always pay the correct tax whenever moviegoers use Loyalty points, discounts, or gift cards.

To learn the full details of Vista Release 5.0.9, see our complete release overview below. And as always, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Vista Account Manager to ask how 5.0.9 can work for you!

Read the full Release Overview for Vista 5.0.9!

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