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There probably aren’t many people who don’t have a memory that includes Lego. Either you’ve built some masterpiece from it, or you’ve stood on one of the tiny, hard, unrelenting pieces and can recall how much that hurts!

Among other things that Lego does well is know their audience. They also know their brand — who they are and what they want to achieve. And for those of you with kids, or those of you who are just big kids at heart, it would have been hard for you to miss Warner Bros. Pictures 2014 release of The Lego Movie, which “notched up box office receipts of more than $250m in the US and £31m in the UK by the first weekend”. But we digress.

Our Vista Services Team members are not too dissimilar to The Lego Movie’s main character, Emmet. He’s described as being the “most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world”, but unlike Emmet, our Services Teams are not underprepared — quite the opposite.

Vista’s Services Team is a pivotal part of the Vista family. They’re the front line support for all our customers, and integral to ensuring your business is given the best opportunity to provide moviegoers with a world-class cinema experience. They’re often the first point of call to understanding who Vista is and why our business is unique.

Vista lego SERVICE Consultant


1) Helping Hand

Customer service is a team sport. Great consultants will improve the knowledge base and train newcomers.

2) Mastermind

Great consultants exhaust all their resources to solve a problem, but they are also mindful of others’ time.

3) Open Ears

Customers will tell you what’s wrong, and account managers may have knowledge about prior incidents. Listen for cues.

4) Foresight

Follow-up questions from customers are anticipated in advance. Great consultants always think about ways to avoid similar issues in the future.

5) Thoughtful Tone

Emails and KB articles are as concise but thorough. Every customer interaction is friendly and cooperative.

6) Kind Heart

Empathy is critical. Contacting support is one of the last things a customer will try before giving up.

7) Funny bone

Humor puts customers at ease. People remember the names of the consultants that let their personality shine through.

8) Iron Stomach

Confidence is key when offering recommendations and instructions to customers. It instills trust.

9) Thick Skin

Customers may say things in the heat of frustration. Great consultants take it in their stride.

10) Fast Feet

Be proactive. Move towards the problem. Great consultants are quick to pick up a ringing phone, eager to pick up the slack, and show an ambitious streak.

It’s crucial to be able to work closely with your service consultant, and to feel absolute confidence in them. Vista’s Services Team is structured to ensure that we enable your business to be the best it can be. Each of our customers is teamed with a service consultant, who is their main point of contact and go-to person if they have any questions or concerns. Our service consultants in New Zealand are split into four regional teams (US, UK, China, and Rest of World). Three of the four teams are closely affiliated with our global offices (in Los Angeles, London, and Shanghai), assisting with incidents raised by the customer base managed by each of those offices. The fourth team was established to take care of our business partners and customers across additional world territories.

Our aim with Vista’s Services Team is to ensure that our teams pull together as one unit, no matter where they are based. There is a lot of focus on making sure that information isn’t siloed and that consultants can build solutions for a number of customers on a variety of requirements. Unlike Emmet, our service consultants are Master Builders — they don’t just follow the manual. Their aim is to understand your specific business requirements and create a solution that works for you and resolves your issue. We look to develop a strong rapport with customers so that our consultants have the ability to understand the detail of a customer’s business and operational needs, enabling a sense of trust and understanding to be developed by both parties. There is a strong feeling of camaraderie and inter-team support within Vista’s Services Team, with ALL of our service consultants working together on any incident logged by a customer.

Just as each Lego creation is unique, we encourage our consultants to strive to be specialists in a Vista product with which they have a natural interest. Allowing consultants to focus on products they’re instinctively drawn to leads them toward investigating, resolving, and consulting on any incidents logged in their area of expertise. Consultants are required to keep up-to-date with all of the regular new Vista features by attending sessions held by our development team. Sharing their knowledge with other team members and customers, and by monitoring the Vista Services Forum and Vista Knowledge Base (KB), ensures all of our consultants can troubleshoot most incidents, and can reach out to product specialists for more in-depth analysis if required.

It takes a special kind of person to ensure businesses are kept running smoothly and that everything is awesome. And with our service consultants working together as a tight-knit family, you can be confident that everything is cool when you’re part of such a strong and supportive team.

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