Group Sales - my top 5 features

Following our Group Sales Blog that signalled the customer-focussed reinvention of this product (12 May 2017), the release of Vista 4.5.8 in September ’17 delivered additional requested features that are personal favorites of product director Joakim Kampe. They also capture our determination to continue to make the experience for your Corporate Sales team customers easier and devoid of gaps.

Most importantly, our feature enhancements enable more diverse purchase choices for your customers; that means optimising their group booking experience and your return business. Let’s take a look.

1. Pick-up your tickets at POS

We know your customers are increasingly demanding and expect greater flexibility for tickets pick-up. Now your customers can go to the cinema and pre-print the event tickets from POS, handing them to their guests well in advance as a more personal gesture and for convenience. The customer can pay for the tickets when collected – or later – enabling service flexibility customers love.

2. Enhanced Food & Beverage

You can now fully customise the right experience at the right price for your corporate sales customers with the use of price books. Create a different set of saleable concessions by cinema, or specific price books for special customers, for example a VIP price list.

But that’s not all! With our updated Group Sales UI, adding concessions to the order has never been easier using our new inline functionality that allows you to search and add concessions directly from the grid. This significantly streamlines the process of adding concessions to an order.

3. Voucher Orders extended with new delivery methods

Voucher Orders continue to be extended. Using Vista 4.5.8, Group Sales supports the following new delivery methods for your vouchers:

  • Send to Cinema
    Sends the voucher order to the customer’s cinema of choice, allowing them to bring up the order and print it directly from POS.
  • eVouchers
    Integrates to Vista’s Corporate Vouchers portal, allowing customers to activate vouchers by themselves and on demand.
  • Print @ Home
    Generate a fully customizable PDF document containing all vouchers in the order, one per page, and email it to your customer.

4. Different Film Formats in Group Sales

We all know that the cinema experience doesn’t just depend on what film you see, but also how you see it. Take Godzilla; no-one watched that film solely for the compelling plot and the interesting character developments, at least we suggest they didn’t… It was a film that needed to be experienced in IMAX for maximum impact.

So now our new-and-improved Group Sales allows you to specify the format of the film, (for example it might be IMAX or 3D), both for private and public bookings. This ensures that you can offer your customers the best possible cinema experience for their choice of film.

5. Notification if invoice due date has passed

A perennial problem with Corporate Sales is keeping track of your invoices, and making sure they’re fully paid on time. To help you, invoices issued in Group Sales can now have a custom due date set against them. If the invoice has been issued, and no payment has been received by the due date, the corporate sales person will be notified and can follow up with the customer. This makes it easier to keep track of outstanding payments and contact customers to extract payment.

There is much more to know about Group Sales and what value it can add to your business; take the journey through our infographic, and get in touch with your account manager for a demo.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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