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Vista Group has developed a fantastic new web platform for distributors and exhibitors. The new movieXchange has been built to make it easy for distributors to supply promotional movie materials to exhibitors and for exhibitors to find and download the relevant movie media that helps them sell their cinema experience to moviegoing audiences. 

MovieXchange provides a one-stop web portal to find promotional media assets and data from each distributor’s new movie release. It will help create film records and media sets, ready to populate any connected cinema sales channels such as POS, Kiosks, Digital Signage, Mobile App and Website.

MovieXchange is special; so much so that Vista Group Chief Executive Murray Holdaway personally co-hosted a presentation at the Vista Group Customer Conference in March 2017, with movieXchange product director Andy Miller  telling guests “this has been a pet project for me”.

Murray explained how the marketing of films had dramatically changed: "If we went back ten years, the distribution marketing team collated posters in a roll, along with perhaps a standee display or similar, etc. and sent the package out to the cinema. And that's all they had to do."

Accessing even the basic materials has proven difficult in the past. Now we are faced with a media rich promotional environment that by sheer volume and complexity demands more consistency in the industry’s approach to media assets. Globally there is no concept of set standards for digital assets across the industry; for example, digital posters have no standard ratio, digital trailer videos have no standard file format. Many exhibitors require backdrop images, but these assets are not yet a common studio concept. The goal is to resolve the media supply issue for distributors and exhibitors and enable more consistent and efficient promotional communication with our moviegoers.

Andy Miller, VP Product, movieXchange

"Now though there is electronic content, with posters, stills, trailers and backdrops and all of those materials need to be managed; it's quite a technical job that the marketers are tending to struggle with. We see it with our exhibitor customers. It's falling back to the IT team to try and help them out. On top of that not only are there more films coming in, there are more channels to output the data to; it's not just signage anymore, it's Facebook and it's web and it's mobile."

"What we have built is a one-stop portal for distributor-approved movie media, and data, including trailers, run sheets, motion posters, title treatments, backdrops, and even some social media materials."

MovieXchange is all about enhancing the links between distributor and exhibitor marketing and operations teams, fostering an environment of reliability, efficiency and mutual benefit.

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