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Rugby World Cup fever is upon us! And if your office is anything like ours here at Vista, there will be boisterous banter and an office sweepstake. Flags will be proudly displayed and hung loosely above desks, and of course, the TV in the lunchroom will be working overtime screening game reruns.

You could say New Zealand is a relatively rugby-mad nation. In fact, that may be an understatement. According to Hootsuite, “the New Zealand All Blacks brand transcends the bounds of the nation and its population”. They even go so far as to say that “the All Blacks are as big a brand as the World Rugby itself”!

For those in blissful ignorance of the largest sporting event of 2015, the #RWC2015 competition has reached the knockout phase. Twenty of the best rugby teams in the world are playing for the prestige and superhero status of being crowned The One — winners of a tournament that will be remembered for its unexpected upsets (go Japan!). A bit like Neo’s encounter with the Oracle, it’s “not quite what you were expecting, right?!”.

Only three of the twenty countries battling for the title don’t currently have Vista products installed in cinemas. So we’ve taken a look at how the countries playing in the #RWC2015 are using Vista products, all with the aim of helping you score some market insights and helpful tips along the way!

The Vista product pool


Pool A:


Vouchers are widely used by moviegoers in Australia. The majority of our Australian customers make use of Vista’s Vouchers & Gift Cards and its wide range of functionality.

As well as redeeming vouchers within their own cinema circuits, Vista’s Vouchers & Gift Cards make it possible for Vista customers to validate vouchers from competitor circuits and third party voucher systems.

Tip and trick: Increase revenue using Vista’s Vouchers & Gift Cards ticket packages

Did you know you can include vouchers in ticket packages in Vista’s Vouchers & Gift Cards? Ticket packages are made up of at least one ticket type and a concession or box office sundry item. Adding a voucher in a ticket package increases your revenue and acts as an upsell for moviegoers. Moviegoers can redeem a voucher for admits, food, or merchandise from your cinema or other retailers.


Pool B:

South Africa

In the USA, cinemas have been offering premium dining options for several years; the level of service and associated luxury has to be seen to be believed. By using the Vista Cinema Food & Beverage module in these restaurants, cinemas are enjoying the benefits of combining their Box Office and Food & Beverage transactions in a single location.

Moviegoers enjoy the convenience of receiving just one check at the end of their visit (even if they moved between areas within your complex), as well as the added benefits of using vouchers and Loyalty rewards to redeem their food and tickets.

Tip and trick: Take control of your cinema’s kitchen using Vista’s Food & Beverage

Did you know Vista’s Food & Beverage has the ability to handle multiple restaurants from the one Vista system, and supports complex mapping of food to different preparation areas? Food & Beverage’s kitchen management system includes support for screens, bump bars, and kitchen printers, and has full support for printer failures via backup kitchen printers, helping to create a seamless dining experience for moviegoers.


Pool C:

New Zealand

Argentina is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to adopting and adapting Vista Mobile for their patrons’ mobile devices. Not surprisingly, it is also the country with the highest level of smartphone ownership in South America.

With early implementation of the Vista Mobile app on iPhone and Android, Argentinian moviegoers have cinema ticketing at their fingertips.

Tip and trick: Gain valuable moviegoer feedback with Vista Mobile

Did you know that Vista Mobile enables you to gain valuable feedback from your moviegoers? Integration with Vista's Loyalty enables you to send special recognitions and targeted survey campaigns through push notifications, deepening users’ engagement with your cinema brand. The ability to track moviegoers’ responses provides a rich stream of customer data that can be used to provide new insights into your customers' behavior and tailor your offer accordingly.


Pool D:


Home to a couple of very large chains, Canada's cinemas have enormous Loyalty programs with millions of members. Many sites in this market use Vista's Loyalty, which among other benefits, enables members' profiles and behaviors to be passed to Movio. A specialist in big data trends, Movio's data management and analysis helps cinemas to stay at the forefront of membership acquisition and retention, and tailor their marketing to achieve capacity sessions.

Tip and trick: Streamline campaigns and promotions with Vista’s Loyalty and Movio

Did you know that all Vista sales channels capture moviegoer behaviors that are associated with Movio campaigns? This information is fed back into Vista’s Loyalty and Movio, forming a closed loop on campaigns and providing the ultimate tool for streamlining the creation of promotional campaigns and accurately determining the ROI.

As with any competition, it's the small successes along the way that lead to the big win at the end. Put these tips and tricks from our #RWC2015 Vista countries into play, and in no time at all, you'll be on your way to lifting the ultimate prize of improved operations, more effective campaigns, and increased customer loyalty. #GameOn


Inspiration and input from Phil Sneddon and Dave Smith


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